Forthcoming Publications


Forthcoming Publications

Human Nature and the Land in a Corner of England:
personal topographies from Purbeck

by Alex King

Describes the landscape of the Isle of Purbeck and the surrounding district, in relation to the lives and work of a number of individuals to whom the area has been important – writers, scientists, entrepreneurs – from accounts they have left of it. Including T.E. Lawrence, the Bloomsbury group, the founders of the Mowlem construction company and the developers of radar.

The Trial of Anne Taylor and Susan Swapper of Rye, Sussex, for Witchcraft: legal evidence and associated records

edited by Annabel Gregory

Edited transcripts (about 100pp) of some of the documents used for Rye Spirits, in two versions: one with modernised spelling and punctuation, and the other without, on parallel pages. Both versions are also available as searchable documents on one of our companion websites the Rye documents, although they are not displayed in parallel in the online version.

Not previously published, although the editor’s typescript of the evidence has been much used by postgraduate and undergraduate students in East Sussex Record Office.

Patronage and Plaindealing …

by Annabel Gregory

A general work (booklength) developing the arguments which are introduced in the essay at the end of Rye Spirits – in brief, that much of the driving force behind religious fundamentalism in 17th century England was directed towards defying good lordship (patronage) and good neighbourhood, in particular challenging some of the invasive methods of maintaining them – such as popular festivities, ritualised speech and joviality. The discussion takes a cross- cultural perspective.