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Where to buy Hedge Press books

Our books can be ordered from online booksellers (see below), and are stocked in some bookshops. If a bookshop does not stock it, you can ask them to order it from the distributor, Central Books (the bookshop will have their contact details – see also link in the left margin). It should arrive in a couple of days.

Booksellers: Information Sheets are available to download for Diary from the Edge and Rye Spirits.

A note for visitors to (and residents of) Rye, Sussex –  Rye Spirits is stocked by Adams, 9 High Street and the Apothecary Coffee House, 1 East Street.

Online Booksellers

The following online booksellers (amongst others) stock our books:

Diary from the Edge 1940-1944 is available from Bookmark with £2 off and free delivery

Wordery –  free delivery worldwide

The Book Depository –  free delivery worldwide

Hive –  free delivery in the UK, and 5%+ of the sale price donated to your nearest bookshop on the hive network (or one nominated by you)

Waterstones –  free delivery in the UK for orders over £20

John Smith’s Online University Bookstore

Direct from our Distributor, Central Books