Poor, Old and Ugly?

Poor, old and ugly? This typical depiction of the English witch in 16th and 17th century pamphlets is a stereotype which does not correspond with the much more varied characteristics of the women who were accused of witchcraft in court cases of the period. Yet it still shapes our ideas today, because very little of […]

A teenager’s thoughts on democracy

It is clear from his diary that something Anthony Ryle particularly disliked about school life was the lack of friends with whom he could share his strongly developing interest in politics. He began to overcome this feeling when he started attending conferences organised for schools by the Council for Education in World Citizenship—an offshoot of […]

Young people’s diaries from the 1940s

In our post on the donation of Anthony Ryle’s diary to the Imperial War Museum, I mentioned how rare it is to find substantial diaries by adolescents which cover the time and events which Anthony’s does. Sustained diaries from people in this age group are rare in public collections for any historical period. It is […]