A teenager’s thoughts on democracy

It is clear from his diary that something Anthony Ryle particularly disliked about school life was the lack of friends with whom he could share his strongly developing interest in politics. He began to overcome this feeling when he started attending conferences organised for schools by the Council for Education in World Citizenship—an offshoot of […]

On Social Medicine

Writings on social medicine by John Ryle John Ryle described social medicine as an activity in which everyday clinical work should include the systematic observation of the circumstances in which the diseases confronted by doctors arose. They would record their observations so that they could be collected, analysed, and used to inform social policies and […]

Of Death and Dying

Of Death and Dying by John Ryle MD To die is as natural as to be born. Of the latter process we are allowed no personal memory; of the former we have no chance to leave a record, and, if we had, the state of our consciousness during the hours or days preceding our demise […]